Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Lumpkin Patch

Having a kid makes Halloween a zillion times more exciting.  Having a cute kid automatically makes Brian and I look super cute.  That's always a plus.  I kept making Joshua wear his little pumpkin hat a few days leading up to Halloween because I was obsessed with how adorable he looked.  He kept trying to take it off and was not amused.  I have to savor these young years while he allows me to dress him.  Oh, my little I obsess over thee. Under his usual expressionless face was pure joy (very deep inside).  Thank you to all the Lum boys (yes, including Lovey) for humoring me with the get-up.  Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin Pumpkin

Last Saturday was a great day reuniting with friends, introducing babies, Uncle Henry 7th wheeling, and all around fun! I introduced Joshua to pumpkins way late in the game so he wasn't really sure what all the orange stuff was.  Joshua wanted to climb onto all the pumpkins and explore.  Next year I will need to remember to dress him in long pants and not shorts-his knees were scuffed up!  I thought we were going to a pumpkin farm, but the place turned out to be a glorified pumpkin parking lot! To top it off I completely forgot to buy a pumpkin.  Maybe next year. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Special Family Time


Hello from a long hiatus! October has been an exciting time for us.  Two college friends came to visit, Patty came back for a bit, my lifelong friend tied the knot,  and the three of us finally got some long needed vacation time down in soCal with my side of the family.  Some highlights include: multiple visits with the Hongs, visiting DereKat, daily dinner with my parents, spending time with the whole Chlagner (Cho, Lum, Wagner) clan, Joshua bonding with and favoring my sister, date nights with Brian, Disneyland, just...everything!  My family finally got to see Joshua in action as a toddler.  He moves FAST and gets into absolutely everything.  No cabinets or low tabletops are safe.  They all thought he was absolutely hilarious toddling around everywhere.  It's also exhausting to keep up with him!

This was the most amount of quality time Brian and Joshua spent together since the newborn days and we definitely needed this time as a family.  Brian spent pretty much every waking moment with Joshua and they are so in love with each other.  Joshua just started saying "da da da" to Brian a couple days ago and I think it's technically his first words (I don't count "ma ma" since he says that to everything).  Daddy's shoulders is his favorite spot to hang out and as a result Brian's neck muscles are tough and manly.  

Lately, it seems like Joshua's receptive language is blooming.  We've been noticing a lot of new things and we're so excited to see him react and respond to commands and questions.  My new goal is to teach him to fetch his diapers for me.  It's good to know that a late bloomer eventually does find his way on his own time. 

This past Sunday was the last day of Brian's time off and I was feeling really down about it.  Last days are always the hardest.  Nonetheless, Joshua and I picked up our daily routine very quickly and we're feeling pretty good.  We'll just have to wait till next year for another full week of family time.  Who else wishes for our country to value family development and bonding? Sigh. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

This & That

Lately, I feel overwhelmed with the weight of the world. There's too much going on outside of my bubble. Whether it's tragedy in other parts of the world, political corruption, or suffering children and parents who are within a few degrees of separation, there's a lot of praying going on in my heart.  The older I get, the brokenness, sin, and darkness in our world suffocates me.  Sometimes I just want to turn everything off.  

I'm just happy that I can look at my son's face and see beauty and hope.  So much could change if we all just lived to make our children safe, strong, and loved. So much could change if we viewed children, who are not our own, as our own. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Family Day

I'm grateful for our little outings and making memories as a family. Of course the little Lum won't remember any of this,  but Brian and I will! It's precious to see him experience new things and react to small things like splashing in water or playing with toy trains and tracks.

I've been thinking a lot about how social media insidiously leads me to compare my kid to "that" kid. We're always blasting our lives and putting our best selves out there. It's bad enough that I compare myself to other women, but baby level comparing is a whole other playing field. It's not easy being complacent with what I have and where I'm at (or where my kid is at). And because this is my first child I am constantly wondering "when will he do ____next? That kid is already doing it!"  I don't know what's normal. I need to keep my cool and be okay with what's happening in the now. This is one of the things I aim to teach my children-to be comfortable in your own skin and not to get trapped in keeping up with societal pressures. It's really difficult.

Another thing...
Is anyone else constantly afraid of what kind of seafood is safe to eat, or buy? Safeway has poor options. Get it together, Safeway!